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no matter how cliché it sounds, we all know this to be true: its awfully hard growing up. many teens struggle with self esteem. having low self esteem sucks, but have no fear, there are ways to overcome it.
learn to love yourself:every morning when you wake up, take a moment to look in the mirror and list things you like about yourself. it doesn’t necessarily only include your physical appearance, maybe you’re a gifted dancer or you can make the best mac & cheese in the whole world. no one hates everything about themselves, they just tend to focus on the negative qualities. focus on the positives instead!
accept what you can’t change:if you don’t like your innate ability to procrastinate, you can set goals for yourself and work to change that. but there are some things you can’t change. instead of hating yourself for things that are out of your control, embrace them. your flaws are what make you unique.
stop comparing yourself to other people: its oh-so easy to compare yourself to others, and just as destructive. how can you compare yourself to another human being when every person is as one-of-a-kind as a snowflake? no one is exactly alike, everyone has things they’re good at. no one can be the best at everything!
take pride in who you are: there is no one just like you in the entire universe. everyone is talented, just not in the same way. when you find you’re feeling bad about yourself, think about all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished in your life. remember that you are YOU, and you is a wonderful thing to be♡
stay wonderful ORACLE friends & fans :-)
-Emma Catherine♡

I can’t believe my article has gotten over 1k notes in just 1 week! thank you so much you guys, it means a lot♡ -xo Emma Catherine
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I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you
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